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Soccer Shoes For Kids: The Whaley Center

May 11

Whaley Center is your home for the best soccer footwear! We provide top-ofthe-line footwear to players of all ages, skill levels.

No matter your level of experience, whether you're a beginner to a seasoned veteran, our shoes are perfect for you. Our selection is exceptional, and our prices cannot be beat. Check us out today and discover why we are the number one choice for soccer footwear nationwide.

What Are Soccer Shoes?

Soccer shoes have been designed to give players maximum traction and control on the soccer field. Most soccer shoes have a cleat in the bottom to grip the grass, making it easier for players make sharp turns and cuts. There are many styles available for soccer shoes. Each style has its own benefits.

Some shoes are better suited for speed than others, and some provide greater support for players who require it. There are different types of soccer shoes for indoor and outdoors, so make sure to choose the right shoe for you. No matter your style preference, the Whaley Center has you covered!

Soccer Shoes

Soccer shoes can have many benefits on and off-the field. First, they can enhance your game.

Soccer shoes provide you with the best possible traction, so you can make the quick turns and cuts that can make all of the difference in a soccer game.

They offer support to your feet and ankles which can reduce injuries. Because they are designed specifically for soccer, they can enhance your performance on the pitch.

Soccer shoes don't only benefit you on the pitch, they can also make a fashion statement. Fans are proud to wear the shoes of their favorite professional soccer player.

Soccer Shoes for Kids

Even if your kid is just beginning to play soccer it's never too soon to get the right pair of shoes. It is vital to find shoes that fit well and are supportive of their growing feet.

Soccer shoes are made for children to provide support and traction on the field. This can help prevent injuries. Because they are specifically designed for children, they can help improve their performance on and off the field.

You should consider the type of surface your child will be playing soccer on when choosing shoes. For grass-based soccer, shoes with firm cleats will offer good traction. You can choose shoes that are more comfortable for artificial turf. Consider getting them two pairs of soccer shoes, if they are going to be on one or both.

Types Of Soccer Shoes

There are three types main soccer shoes:

Firm Ground (FG), Soccer Cleats - These cleats come with rubber or plastic spikes that can be used on natural lawn fields.

Soft Ground (SG), soccer cleats: These cleats come with metal studs, which make them ideal for use on natural grass fields. SG soccer cleats cannot be used on artificial grass.

Artificial Grass (AG), soccer cleats: These cleats can have either short rubber studs to make it easier or no studs at any. They are designed for artificial grass surfaces.


We'd like to close by saying that you should try on all types of soccer shoes before making a purchase. Do not buy shoes that aren’t right-sized or uncomfortable.

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